Building Balanced Teams

bullet The result of a good team performance is always more than the sum of the performance of its individual members. But building a good team, relying on a team instead of on individuals, placing the team interest above the individual interest and presenting yourselves as a team towards the outside world is not always a common practice.

Balance is crucial in building a leading team. Balance between the individual capabilities, talents and temperaments. In the right balance the sum off all these will always be much more than whatever individual person has to offer.

Making a balanced team work is about differences and common ground at the same time. The conscious recognition that the individual team members are and must be different to contribute effectively to the team effort has to be internalized and practiced by all involved. A shared vision and agreement on methods constitutes the common ground necessary in order to reach the intended goals.

Building balanced teams and making them work is a crucial part of creating a leading position in your field. bullet